Concrete Coatings

Concrete Floor coatings

Transform your concrete floors into a resilient masterpiece with our cutting-edge concrete coatings. Elevate durability, aesthetics, and functionality, while enjoying a surface that stands the test of time.

These coatings serve various purposes, including protecting the concrete from damage, improving slip resistance, and enhancing the overall appearance of the floor.


Transforming your garage floor with a concrete coating increases durability with chemical and stain resistance, provides ease of maintenance, and adds aesthetic appeal through customizable finishes.


Applying a concrete coating to basement floor provides protection against moisture and potential flooding, has the potential to increase property value, and offers a quick installation process for an upgraded and visually appealing basement environment.


Concrete coating patios offers benefits such as increased durability, and a prolonged lifespan for a more enjoyable and long-lasting outdoor experience.

pool decks

Coating your outdoor pool deck with concrete provides resistance to weathering and pool chemicals, improved safety with increased slip resistance, protection against stains, easy maintenance, and aesthetic customization for an attractive poolside environment.

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Types of Concrete coatings

Revitalize your space, make a lasting impression, and choose the perfect concrete coating solution tailored to your needs.

Zuppardo's Renovations concrete coatings include:

Epoxy Coatings
Polyurethane Coatings
Polished Concrete
Acrylic Sealers
Polyaspartic Coatings
Concrete Stains

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